Economic Impact Report

The Economic & Fiscal Impact on the Greater Portland Region & Maine of Redevelopment of 58 Fore Street

A Master Plan for Redevelopment of the Eastern Waterfront

The CPB2 development team's guiding principles have always been founded on a firm commitment to the Eastern Waterfront Master Plan (EWMP) that was adopted by the City in 2004, the result an extensive process of public engagement. The EWMP is devoted to enhancing public benefits, including preservation of harbor views, public access, public spaces, marine use, adaptive re-use of historic buildings, and a trail along the water’s edge. We encourage people to read this document to understand what the City envisioned for this property and what we aim to accomplish.

B6 Zoning

CPB2’s rezoning application , a map amendment change to the City's zoning map, along with minor edits to the City's zoning text, was adopted by the City Council on June 1, 2015.  The 58 Fore Street site is now zoned " B-6" Eastern Waterfront Mixed" on the upland areas and "Eastern Waterfront Port" zone along the waterfront. The B-6 zoning was created specifically for the Eastern Waterfront and exists on the adjacent properties to the west of 58 Fore Street. This zone change allows for residential development and expanded retail and commercial uses as it encourages this district to acquire a distinctly urban feel through development that emphasizes a quality pedestrian experience and demonstrates exemplary urban design. The zoning changes make it possible to reinvent the property and truly integrate it with the surrounding area, creating a connection between the waterfront and the rest of the neighborhood, and matching the vision of the Master Plan for Redevelopment of the Eastern Waterfront.

Height Details

The B6 height overlay, extended over the 58 Fore Street site with the June 1st City Council vote allows for 35 to 65 feet above average grade, which would translate to an average of 2 stories, and in some places, 3 stories above Fore Street.  As part of the rezoning process,  the City asked the CPB2 team to provide more details around the City's height overlay map for the property, with the focus being the anticipated heights above the Fore Street elevation. As part of this submission the developers imposed upon themselves a height restriction on Fore Street that would limit any building from rising higher than 35 feet or three stories, above Fore Street.  It is important to note that few areas of the Fore Street frontage could actually reach this 35 foot height restriction, which can be seen by reviewing these sections as viewed from Fore Street (PDF 5))    These heights are very much in the context of the neighborhood, and substantially lower than the current 45 foot height restrictions of the Munjoy Hill neighborhood directly adjacent and across the street of 58 Fore Street.

Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Implementation Timeline

The planning process that led to the adoption of the Master Plan for Redevelopment of the Eastern Waterfront, Eastern Waterfront Building Height Study, and Design Guidelines for Development of the Eastern Waterfront, and associating zoning changes, began in early 2000 ...  Download the Timeline.  For a full understanding of the breadth of this public planning process.


For more information please visit the city of Portland’s website.