58 Fore Street owners submit Master Development Plan
December 03, 2016 • CPB2 LLC, the manager of the 58 Fore Street redevelopment, unveiled its master plan for the former Portland Company site that has been submitted to the City of Portland for approval. The Master Plan sets forth the vision for the 10-acre waterfront site and lays out the future development blocks, mixed uses and new road infrastructure for pedestrians/bikes, as well as vehicular circulation, that was inspired by Portland’s Eastern Waterfront Master Plan.

Eastern Waterfront Development Q & A
October 09, 2016 • It’s been an exciting two weeks for the 58 Fore Street redevelopment effort and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout at the neighborhood meeting on October 4th. CPB2 hosted nearly 140 neighbors, abutters, and interested people for a presentation of the Master Development Plan submission for the 58 Fore Street site. The CPB2 team fielded and responded to thoughtful and detailed questions.

Portland hosting series of Comprehensive Planning for Public Input
June 30, 2016 • The City of Portland is hosting a series of forums on the Comprehensive Plan. Join them tonight starting at 6 p.m. in Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library. Click here for more information.

Portland City Council votes to create a Historic District at 58 Fore Street that allows for a waterfront plaza and enjoyment by all
February 18, 2016 • The Portland City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve a historic district that would allow the developer of the Portland Co. complex to tear down the former erecting shop on the site while preserving seven other buildings and creating a public plaza on the eastern waterfront.

Maine Voices: Historic district plan for Portland Co. site sets right balance, deserves support
February 16, 2016 • All of us in Portland recognize the significant community interest in the 58 Fore St. development. Next Wednesday, the Portland City Council will consider the establishment of a historic district at this site of the former Portland Co. The proposed district, as recommended by the Planning Board, deserves broad support. It will preserve important buildings in the complex and tell the story of the company’s history.

Maine Voices: Portland’s eastern waterfront redevelopment meets community goals and needs
November 16, 2015 • In 2000, a group of our neighbors and elected representatives set out to generate a vision for what the community wanted to see on the city’s eastern waterfront. The Portland Co. property, in decay for decades, had and still has striking potential to serve many important public interests: waterfront accessibility, housing, recreation and economic development.

Owners Of 58 Fore Street Release Concept Plans For Historic Core
November 11, 2015 • CPB2’s plans include the majority of the most historically significant buildings on the property, creating a historic core dedicated to celebrating the extensive history of the former Portland Company site.

Maine Preservation Submits Letter of Support for The Portland Company Complex
October 29, 2015 • CPB2 was both pleased and appreciative of the continued support we have received by Maine Preservation who submitted a letter to the HP board with their recommendations, which are in line with a number of CPB2’s recommendations.

Our Position: Scenic view initiative ‘protects’ the city from threats that aren’t threats
October 27, 2015 • Portland Press Herald Endorse NO on Portland’s Question 2. Don't let Question 2 give small groups a tool to slow down or stop development in Portland.

Portland Creative Business Owners and Technology Entrepreneurs Urge a NO Vote on Portland’s Question 2.
October 26, 2015 • More than 20 Portland creative business owners and technology entrepreneurs are urging a ‘No’ vote on Question 2, which will appear on the city ballot on Nov. 3. This list includes founders and CEOs of high growth technology companies and startups, artists, and small business owners who believe that Question 2 is too broad and will put Portland’s economy and jobs at risk at a time when Portland’s reputation as an incubator community for creative entrepreneurs and startups is beginning to gain national attention.

Working Waterfront Coalition Endorses NO on Portland’s Question 2
October 26, 2015 • A group of more than 20 local fishermen, waterfront workers and waterfront business owners today announced their endorsement of a ‘NO’ vote on Question 2, which will appear on the city ballot on November 3.

Policy Wonk: Save the Soul of Portland initiative makes no sense
October 09, 2015 • Let me say at the outset that I am not opposed to the use of citizen initiative to address critical land-use issues. Twenty-five years ago a citizens initiative protected Portland’s working waterfront. The move toward wall-to-wall condos was halted.

Portland Planning Board Postpones Public Hearing on Historic Preservation of the 58 Fore Street Project
September 09, 2015 • PORTLAND, MAINE, September 9, 2015— The Portland Planning Board postponed a public hearing on the current recommendation by the Historic Preservation Board to create a historic district on the former Portland Co site.

Portland Residents Launch Campaign Against Destructive Referendum
August 19, 2015 • A group of concerned Portland residents today launched a campaign to defeat a far- reaching, poorly written and dangerous municipal referendum that was initiated by a few self-interested residents of Munjoy Hill in an effort to block the redevelopment of the historic Portland Co. site.

City Council Votes to Approve Rezoning of 58 Fore Street!
June 02, 2015 • The Portland City Council has voted, 7-2, to approve zoning changes that are a major step toward realizing the community’s longstanding goals for City’s eastern waterfront. Supporters from Munjoy Hill, the business community, as well as residents from a wide range of Portland neighborhoods filled the Council chambers and spoke out in favor of the project. The Council also voted to make the redevelopment of 58 Fore St. subject to any future inclusionary zoning ordinance.

The Soul of Portland is trying to launch a citizen initiative seeking to block any development in Portland that might impact views.
May 20, 2015 • Here is Jim Brady’s statement on this topic

Portland Planning Board Approves and Recommends Rezoning of 58 Fore Street
February 25, 2015 • First Step Toward Redevelopment and Economic Revitalization of the former Portland Company

Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum to Stay in Portland Till 2017 After Lease Extended With CPB2 LLC, New Owners Of 58 Fore St., Formerly Known As Portland Co.
February 19, 2015 • The owners of 58 Fore – formerly known as The Portland Co., announced they have reached an agreement that will enable the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad's Museum, as well as the popular Polar Express attraction, to continue operating along the Portland waterfront through 2017.

No on 2
January 16, 2015 • Question 2's misguided passage would not only create a "scenic viewpoint protection zone" (translate: it specifically is for those few folks along Fore Street who might be impacted and who do not care that the city will be stuck with an overburdening rule forever) but it will require a task force (ie: another hoop) to be formed which will identify additional views now and forever which might need "protecting."

Portland Co. complex developers hope to cool worries over water views
December 26, 2014 • New plans show no building rising higher than 35 feet above the level of Fore Street.