The 58 Fore Street property is clearly a critical element of Portland's waterfront. CPB2's vision is to see this 10 acre property reach it's full potential as a revitalized waterfront neighborhood with a vibrant and diverse mix of uses that encourage year-round enjoyment and engagement by the Portland community. Our desire is to open up the site to our neighbors, the residents of Portland, and the many visitors that Portland welcomes, so that it can be celebrated now and for generations to come.

A thoughtful vision by a local team that will bring additional housing, economic stimulus and job growth to the City of Portland.

"The water's edge is the most precious resource we have. " This is the opening line of the Eastern Waterfront Master Plan and CPB2's vision is to deliver the waterfront to the city of Portland with inspiring design and planning focusing on mixed uses and architectural styles, inspiring public spaces and reinvigoration of historic structures, all which we hope will be revered decades from today.

Our vision is built on the foundation of the Eastern Waterfront Master Plan, which was shaped by the hopes, dreams and needs of the hundreds of citizen volunteers, neighborhood leaders, expert consultants and city planners, who participated throughout the extensive process. Our concepts include reinvigorating the most historically significant elements of the former Portland Company site, expanding and redeveloping the marina, providing a diverse mix of much needed housing units, enhancing the Eastern Promenade's access to the water's edge, and allowing for all-season enjoyment of  Portland's waterfront.

Please also refer to our guiding design principles.


58 Fore Street owners submit Master Development Plan
December 03, 2016 • CPB2 LLC, the manager of the 58 Fore Street redevelopment, unveiled its master plan for the former Portland Company site that has been submitted to the City of Portland for approval. The Master Plan sets forth the vision for the 10-acre waterfront site and lays out the future development blocks, mixed uses and new road infrastructure for pedestrians/bikes, as well as vehicular circulation, that was inspired by Portland’s Eastern Waterfront Master Plan.

Eastern Waterfront Development Q & A
October 09, 2016 • It’s been an exciting two weeks for the 58 Fore Street redevelopment effort and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout at the neighborhood meeting on October 4th. CPB2 hosted nearly 140 neighbors, abutters, and interested people for a presentation of the Master Development Plan submission for the 58 Fore Street site. The CPB2 team fielded and responded to thoughtful and detailed questions.

Portland hosting series of Comprehensive Planning for Public Input
June 30, 2016 • The City of Portland is hosting a series of forums on the Comprehensive Plan. Join them tonight starting at 6 p.m. in Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library. Click here for more information.

Portland City Council votes to create a Historic District at 58 Fore Street that allows for a waterfront plaza and enjoyment by all
February 18, 2016 • The Portland City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve a historic district that would allow the developer of the Portland Co. complex to tear down the former erecting shop on the site while preserving seven other buildings and creating a public plaza on the eastern waterfront.